But what actually happens at a bisexual conference? It's not much like a union or political conference, there's no elections or power blocks. Each day there is a timetable of discussions and activities, with a lunch break. After a break for the evening meal we then have evening social activities, both in the bar and also in the same space we used during the day.

As this year is also the International Conference on Bisexuality, we're hoping to have an exciting mix of sessions scheduled. Here's a glimpse of what we're lining up (subject to change, of course).

Friday 27th August: 25 sessions during the day.
Sample topics: Diversity 101, Bi Families, Bi Around The World, Linking Activism Worldwide

Saturday 28th August: 25 sessions during the day.
Sample topics: Bi & Trans, Activating Your Activist, Bi Literature, Bis on Screen

Sunday 29th August: 20 sessions during the day.
Sample topics: Asexual Bisexuals, Tackling Biphobia, Poly, Bisexuals Online

Monday 30th August: 10 sessions in the morning/early afternoon.
Sample topics: BiCon Future, Affecting Change.

Those are just samples, we're going to be announcing a very full programme nearer the time. To give you more of a flavour of what BiCon is like, we asked our Head of Programming to sum up "A Day At BiCon":

"Even if you were to just look at each days sessions, BiCon would be a very full time, but BiCon is far more than just the sessions that run in the mornings and afternoons. Depending on how late of a night you were making it before (and believe us, there's ample excuses for that) you could meet up with people you met the night before, or make new friends, in the socialising spaces before the earliest morning sessions at 10am (which isn't all that early, we know) You could perhaps start the day with a panel on Diversity, and maybe after that head to the "Speed Meeting" panel to help you get to know some of the other members of the convention.

lecthall1Then comes the lunch break, and we've plenty of options for that – either cooked in your own kitchen, with friends and flatmates, or possibly at the campus pub, maybe even a picnic lunch out on the grass. After that you might feel like taking it easy, and that's fine too! While we will strive to make sure there's something interesting going on at any time, self-care is always a good idea, BiCon can be a very exciting and even intense space, so sometimes a nap is just the thing. Besides, even skipping the first session after lunch will leave you with two more sets of sessions to chose between before dinner.

Would you decide to sit in on an "Introduction to Polyamory" panel, or something like "Bisexuals in History?". You could follow that with "Activism for Beginners", or if that's not your thing possibly a session on non-sexual relationships, or practical techniques for combating bi-phobia.

Outside of the session rooms, people will be socialising, getting to know each other, making friends. We've got a lot of activities planned that don't fit into sessions too – like crafting, art and even movies.

subar2When the daytime programme ends, and you've had dinner with old (and hopefully new) friends, then it's the start of the evening programme of entertainment, or "ents". There's some exciting nights planned too, we'll be announcing details later when they're confirmed. But whatever we organise, it's all included in the one ticket.

And the ents aren't always the end either, lots of the people at BiCon stay up late, getting to know each other and talking about the events and sessions of the day, either at midnight picnics if the weather's nice or in the kitchens of the accommodation until it's time to snatch some sleep before starting again the next day. We do also recommend getting a good night's sleep – but it's your choice, there's a lot to do at BiCon!"

Later: 'Programme (subject to change)' published

Finland (120 – Ground Floor) Germany (90 – Ground Floor) Canada (50 – First Floor) Denmark (50 – First Floor) Other
(see session description)
0930 – 1015 BiCon Opening Plenary (Held in the Main Lecture Theatre)
1030-1115 Newcomers' Introduction To BiCon Old-Timers welcome session Negotiating Consent Introduction to Meditation
1130-1300 What can bi writers and researchers do for you? Feedback and discussion from the BiReCon event Diversity 101 Activating your activist Raiders of the Lost Archive: Saving Bi History
1300-1400 LUNCH Naked Lunch Poi Spinning for Absolute Beginners (Outside)
1400-1515 Getting Bi: Voices of Bisexuals Around the World LGBT Hate Crime: Best Practice Project DIY Bi Laughter Yoga
1530-1645 Being bi in India Challenging Gender Based Boundaries Understanding Bisexuality at Work: Preliminary Survey Results Fun and Games
1700-1815 Electronic Activism Trans in the Bi Community Pre Decision-Making Plenary (DMP) session Fitting and Misfitting
1830-45 Evening Accouncements (ATRIUM)
Argentina (80 – Ground Floor) Britain (80 – Ground Floor) Canada (50 – First Floor) Denmark (50 – First Floor) Ecuador (80 – Ground Floor) Other
(see session description)
0900-0945 Morning Meditation / Silent Worship
1000-1115 Bi- and Polylinguists Neurodiversity in the Bi Community When I get older: Imagining your bisexual future Singing Workshop Sex work
1130-1300 Queering Shakespeare Beyond Binaries: Identity and the Sexuality Spectrum How can we build a successful and warm European Bisexual Network? Bis of Colour Being single at Bicon
1300-1400 LUNCH The Naked Lunch and Wake Intermediate/Advanced Poi Spinning (Outside)

Bi Coffee (Cafe area)

1400-1515 Yes/No/Maybe… Organising Bi people in the workplace Bi Press Vanilla is a Flavour Cuddle Party first half This is What a Bisexual looks like: Craft session (CRAFT ROOM)
1530-1645 BDSM for beginners Bigger Ones Royal Protocol: How to Prepare a Coronation Ceremony in a few fun steps Feminist discussions – for women, by women, about women Cuddle Party second half
1700-1815 BiCon Decision-Making Plenary (DMP) (Held in the Main Lecture Theatre)
Argentina (80 – Ground Floor) Britain (80 – Ground Floor) Canada (50 – First Floor) Denmark (50 – First Floor) Ecuador (80 – Ground Floor) Other
(see session description)
0900-0945 Morning Meditation / Silent Worship
1000-1115 Chi Kung Bisexuality In Science-Fiction & The Future HSP: the Highly Sensitive Person Genitalia Show and Tell Poly 101: An introduction to polyamory
1130-1300 Boy//cut Israel: challenging male hegemony through bisexual&feminist identification. Biphobic Hate Crime / Biphobic Hate & Community Based Solutions A Taste of Tantra Safer Sex Supplies Poly 201 Stitch and Bitch (CRAFT ROOM)
1300-1400 LUNCH Naked Lunch Bi Coffee (Cafe area)
1400-1515 Love, rage and the occupation: bisexual politics in Israel/Palestine BDSM Improverts Conflict management in bi communities Trans 201 – overcoming difficulties in and after transtion The Case for Comprehensive Sexuality Education: Our Whole Lives and the Sex Ed You Wish You Had!
1530-1645 Bi, Queer, Pansexual, Omnisexual and More Smutty Storytelling Monogamous and Bi? Photos for the net Accessibility: More than just ramps.
1700-1815 25 Years of Raising Bisexual Awareness SM for SMmers Bisexual Information worldwide Fun and Games A Million Pounds a Year
1830-1845 Evening Accouncements (ATRIUM)
Argentina (80 – Ground Floor) Britain (80 – Ground Floor) Canada (50 – First Floor) Denmark (50 – First Floor) Ecuador (80 – Ground Floor) Other
(see session description)
0900-0945 Morning Meditation / Silent Worship
1000-1115 Peer Massage share Censorship Within and of the Bisexual Community This is What a Bisexual looks like: Life Drawing Held Session – TBD Held Session – TBD
1130-1300 Future BiCons Thinking outside the gender binary CoverBis Bisexuality and Spirituality Fun and Games
1315-1400 Closing Plenary (Held in the Main Lecture Theatre), followed by group photo (Outside, if weather permits)


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