New to BiCon?

If you're new to BiCon, welcome aboard!

(photo of UEL Docklands)

BiCon is a weekend-long gathering for bi people, their friends, partners, and others with a supportive interest in bisexuality. We don't all use the labels "bi" or "bisexual" or even agree on what it means to be bi, but bisexuality is the common theme. A typical BiCon might have 200 participants, of which about 60 are usually at BiCon for the first time.

What happens during BiCon?

BiCon runs from Thursday evening to Monday afternoon. On Friday, Saturday, Sunday and Monday, there are discussion groups and workshops during the day, with social space & entertainment in the evening (except on Monday). Workshop sessions run from about 10am to 5pm, with some in the evenings, too. There are usually about 5 different sessions happening at once, each lasting around 75 minutes, so there's plenty to choose from. Having got your pass (one-day or whole event), you're free to attend as much or as little as you like.

Some discussions cover bi-related themes, e.g. coming out, our experiences of the Lesbian & Gay communities, and lots with a title like "Bisexuality and X". Other topics have ranged from parenting to "Buffy the vampire slayer". Some sessions are more academic in nature or cover sexual health issues, and some are action more than talk: e.g. in past years belly dancing, sign language and massage. This year we're pleased to announce that the Thursday will be a one day academic event called BiReCon – see the link above for full details.

Each evening there's a bar and social space, with performers, a band, or a DJ, plus quiet space for chatting, reading, knitting, playing board games or simply chilling out. If you like to dress up, bring your party clothes!

Where do I stay?

(photo of UEL Docklands)

Most people stay on-site in self-catering student residences, booked in advance. These are in "units" or "flats" of 6 (lockable) en-suite bedrooms with shared kitchen. If you know anyone else who'll be coming to BiCon, you can ask to be in the same flat, or if you'd prefer to be with, for example, veggies, goths, people from a particular part of the world, etc, you can put this down on the booking form too.

(photo of UEL Docklands)

We will have a few wheelchair-accessible rooms available; if you're likely to want one of these, please let us know in plenty of time. More info on "The Venue" page.

What do I wear? Or, "Who are these people in the strange clothes?"

One of the wonderful things about BiCon is that it's a very non-judgemental place when it comes to dressing up. Leather, latex, purple velvet; corsets, drag, sparkly things; BiCon's seen it all (especially in the evenings). Sometimes it's easy to get the impression that these dressed-up people are of a different cooler species, or indeed strange alien weirdos! However, we're mostly much the same as anyone in ordinary life, as you'll find out if you get chatting to us. In true BiCon diversity, you'll also see plenty of people in their favourite ordinary comfy clothes, especially in the daytime but even on the dance floor.

What about my family?

Not everyone at BiCon identifies as "bi". Non-bi partners and children are welcome too! We will be providing daytime creche space throughout BiCon and plan to include some family-friendly activities on Saturday. Childcare provisions and activities are subject to demand, so if you'd like to make use of them, do get your booking form in soon.

How much does it cost?

Ticket prices range on a sliding scale (based on income), see the "Registration" page. We'll be announcing the Overseas prices soon.

A "helping hand" fund exists for people who might not otherwise be able to come to BiCon. Tick the box on the booking form, send us a few details and we'll do our best to help. When you contact us it would be useful if you could give some idea of the level of support you require. We can often make a sizeable reduction to your BiCon booking fee, but unfortunately we are unable to contribute towards travel or other expenses.

How do I book? Can I just turn up?

If you want to come along for the whole event and to stay in the on-site accommodation, you must book in advance. But if you're only a short journey away or staying locally, you're welcome to just turn up on the day. Day tickets cover all the activities in a particular day including the evening entertainments.

If I book a place, do I get an information pack?

Once we receive your booking you'll be added to our mailing list for important information and updates. You will also receive an information booklet about 2 weeks before the event. This contains practical details about the venue, directions, and the all important "BiCon code of Conduct" which ensures that BiCon remains a safe and tolerant space for everyone who attends. Full programme details will be available only when you arrive at BiCon, although we will try to update our "programme" page on the website as the schedule fills up.

How do I find out more?

We'll be putting up more information on this website over the coming weeks. In the meantime, you might want to check out some of the links on the left of this page. There's a wealth of community information at "Bi Community News", and you'll find a lot of online discussion on the LiveJournal "BiCon" group, too.

If you have a "Pride" or "Mardi Gras" event near you this summer, why not go along and look out for the bisexual banner. Although we often appear to be hidden away, the UK has a large Bi network and we're hoping to have a presence at quite a few of the regional Pride events this year. Just mention "BiCon" to any of the people on the stall & you're bound to be greeted with smiles:)


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