Aug 04 2010

Make An Outstanding Contribution!

Our plans to allow this years BiCon registrations to be spread over multiple payments have been very successful. A large number of people have booked for the event, over 300 now.

In the next week we need to give figures and details to the university for the on-site accommodation, and a number of people have booked and reserved bedrooms but not yet paid any of their combined fees.

We cannot afford to pay for bedrooms that end up being unused.

If you have not yet paid any money to BiCon for your residential booking, please either login and pay us a deposit or email bookings@deleted to discuss your situation. Please do one of these before August 15th, or we'll have to stop holding your reservation.

We will be unable to release the key to your reserved accommodation if you have not paid the remainder of your BiCon booking fee either before you arrive at BiCon or on arrival in cash.


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