Dec 01 2009

BiCon 2010

BiCon is the UK's national bisexual conference and convention – a long weekend celebration of bisexuality and bisexuals, welcoming activists, academics and the ordinary ‘bi next door'. It is residential, with accommodation available on the same site as the organised event, and includes not only a daytime programme of discussions and workshops, but also a wide range of evening entertainments.

In 2010 we are combining the 28th UK BiCon with the 10th ICB – the International Conference on Bisexuality.

The International Conference on Bisexuality was set up to be an international version of BiCon. It is a chance for bisexual activists from across the globe to get together and combine strategies, compare solutions, and forge partnerships in the fight against prejudice and biphobia. It is hoped that many countries will be represented, through individual delegates and also by attendees sent from both bisexual and LGBT organisations from all over the world.

Currently we are finalising the details of the venue and dates for this event, full details of how to register will follow shortly.


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