May 05 2010

Just Seven Days to Bi a Bargain!

Currently we're pricing our overseas registrations in dollars and euros as the same as our UK prices in pounds sterling. We decided to do this to make our pricing structure immediately understandable to people in other countries. Because of the exchange rate, this works out as a discount for people paying in those currencies.

Recent changes in the exchange rates have meant that we need to bring this to a close – we can't afford to keep discounting our prices. So on the 12th of May we'll be switching the registration system to pounds sterling only for new registrations.

If you've already registered in full by then, then you won't need to give us any more money to make up the difference. And if you've part paid, we'll remember what currency you're using and keep your price as it was. This only affects new registrations that start paying after the 12th.

So – if you want to take advantage of this discount, register this week! And if you don't need to then don't worry – we'll still be taking registrations right up to the event itself (accommodation booking deadline is July 10th if you want a room on site).

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